(Setup Files) James Scripture Challenge

(Setup Files) James Scripture Challenge

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This is the introduction for the book of James and the setup files for the James Scripture Challenge, which is a year-long resource for all ages that helps your family to pray, write, study, and memorize the book of James.

Note: This is a digital download. No physical product will be emailed to you. The James Scripture Challenge is the 2019 edition of Read, Pray, Love in the Proverbial Homemaker community. 

Here is what's included in this document:

  • Using the James Study with Multiple Ages
  • Tips and Ideas for Scripture Memorization and Prayer
  • Read the Bible Checklist (to track overall Bible reading throughout the year) 
  • Write and Memorize James Checklist
  • Praying for My Family Guide Poster 
  • Prayer Loop Checklist (to help with diligence)
  • Prayer Requests Checklist
  • Intro to the book of James (general overview, devotion, study notes, and some additional resources to consider)

Find out more about the James Scripture Challenge and see a list of all the available monthly scripture packs in this blog post


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