Old Testament Bible Brick Challenge

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The Old Testament Bible Brick Challenge is a digital download that includes a 1-year Bible reading plan through the OT (5 days a week). Each of the days in the plan includes the scripture passage to be read and a few suggested build prompts to spark imagination.

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  • About one chapter a day is included, with days off for weekends.
  • The entire OT is not covered. Selected passages are chosen to cover the storyline of the books.
  • Recommended age range is 4-12 (although older kids will enjoy it as well). As such, some verses may be omitted due to graphic nature. You will still want to quickly skim the chapter before reading aloud.
  • The goal of the build challenge is to build a scene, object, or representation of an idea based on what is read that day. Not step-by-step instructions.

The Old Testament Bible Brick Challenge is perfect for family Bible studies with young children, family devotions, Sunday schools, or weekly co-op activities.

Here's how to use the challenge: 

  1. Download and print out the charts.
  2. Pray for understanding and teachable hearts.
  3. Read the build challenge. Some challenges include links to photos or descriptions where clarification may be needed, such as a map outline.
  4. As your child begins building, read the Scripture passage for the day. (Use the Bible translation of your choice.)
  5. If you finish reading before they’ve completed their build, let them finish at their pace or set a timer and let them know they can return to their build after the day’s responsibilities are done.
  6. Have them narrate back to you what was read or what they built.

These aren't step-by-step instructions. Although such activities have their value, the creativity of building from their own imagination based on Scripture does so much more to help them engage with the readings.​ Another way to use it is read the passage during breakfast or dinner and let them build what they want based on the Scripture. 

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Have older kids? For ages 10 and up check out the Bible Drawing Notebook (Old Testament), which uses the same reading plan. It’s perfect as an independent personal daily activity or for multi-level teaching and Bible study! 

Get the Old Testament Bundle Instead for Multi-Age Learning

Both the Old Testament Bible Brick Challenge and the Bible Drawing Notebook: Old Testament use the same Bible reading plan so that you can use them for multiple ages. Kids ages 10 and up can do the Bible Drawing Notebook while younger kids (or the whole family) can follow along with the Bible Brick Challenge. Check out the bundle here