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As a very busy mama to 7 young children, I needed a curriculum that offered structure and guidance, creativity and ideas to make it engaging, but that also was flexible, not too time consuming, not full of crafts I would never have time for, and could be used with our Bible version of choice. I have found that Sound Words fits our needs nicely.


This planner has completely changed the way I look at my homeschool. I was stuck in a public school mindset and trying to make every lesson fit into a neat little box. By working through Tauna’s course, I’ve discovered that I CAN teach my child in a way that is relaxed, fun, and still cover the content.


This is great!!! Im so glad i purchased this [Rhythms & Routines Homeschool Planning System] a few years ago! Over time I have seen SUCH FRUIT from this vision casting, goal setting, and organizing for the first time in my life. It has helped me to cultivate consistency and focus!