Free 12-Day Attributes of God Devotion & Activities

Free 12-Day Attributes of God Devotion & Activities

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The Attributes of God lesson download includes 12 short devotions (as well as an overview) and attribute cards that can be used in a poster activity or suggested card game activities.

It’s a perfect addition to your regular daily Bible readings or homeschool morning time.

Attributes covered in the devotions: 

  • Holy 
  • Love 
  • Eternal 
  • All-Knowing 
  • All-Powerful 
  • Sovereign 
  • Unchanging 
  • Truthful 
  • Everywhere 
  • Just 
  • Merciful 
  • Faithful 


This lesson is from Unit 1 of Sound Words for Kids: Lessons in Theology. Teach your children all about God and His attributes using Sound Words for Kids. Lessons include devotions, memory verses, notebooking pages, activity ideas, and copywork.

Additional topics included in Unit 1: 

  1. All About God: Who is God?
  2. All About God: Who Made God?
  3. All About God: Has God Ever Had a Beginning?
  4. All About God: Will God Ever Die?
  5. All About God: Are ere More Gods an One?
  6. All About God: In How Many Persons Does is One God Exist?
  7. All About God: Who Are the three Persons of God?
  8. All About God: Where is God?
  9. All About God: Can You See God?
  10. All About God: Does God Know All Things?
  11. All About God: Can God Do All Things?

Learn more about Sound Words for Kids: Lessons in Theology and all the available units.

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