One-Year Bible Brick Challenge

One-Year Bible Brick Challenge

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Start on January 1 or anytime during the year for 365 days of Bible reading selections and Lego challenges! Your kids will love this one-year survey of the Bible that includes the hands-on element of building scenes or objects from the story.

The One-Year Bible Brick Challenge is perfect for family Bible studies with young children, family devotions, Sunday schools, or weekly co-op activities! 

The downloadable One-Year Bible Brick Challenge includes 12 calendars, one for each month of the year. Each calendar includes a daily Scripture passage to read and a challenge to build. 

Here's how to use the challenge: 

  1. Download and print out the calendars. 
  2. Pray for understanding and teachable hearts.
  3. Read the build challenge and Scripture passage for the day. (Use the Bible translation of your choice. Older kids can do the reading and build challenge independently.) 
  4. Have children build an object or scene based on the build challenge prompt.
  5. Optional: Select a phrase or sentence from the Scripture to use for copywork. Provide blank paper and pencils for those who would rather draw than build. 
  6. Discuss what you learned together about the passage and any questions that come up. 

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*** Updated 12/19 for typos, a few content tweaks, and a copy/paste error that caused an issue in April and March calendars. Any updates made to the calendars are automatically emailed to those who have purchased it.