Bible Drawing Notebook (New Testament)

Bible Drawing Notebook (New Testament)

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The Bible Drawing Notebook (New Testament) is a digital download that includes a 1-year Bible reading plan through the NT (5 days a week).

(NOTE: This is a digital download. No physical copy will be mailed.) 

For each day in the plan, the student reads a Scripture passage, draws in the blank space provided, writes a description of what they drew, and notes some things they can pray about based on the passage.

    • One chapter a day is included, with days off for weekends.
    • There is a checklist chart at the beginning that can be used to track progress.
    • The entire NT is covered - NO topics or verses are omitted. (Parental discretion recommended for younger or sensitive children with some topics or books such as Revelation.)
    • An asterisk marks chapters for parental review - you may especially want to preview and/or plan conversations for these. I marked things that were especially violent or scary, or had especially sensitive topics. It wasn’t a comprehensive review, however, so do use discretion, as always.
    • Recommended age range is 10 / 12 and up due to reading volume. The Bible is not PG. Be talking to your children about what they’re reading and skimming ahead or omitting chapters as needed.
    • Use double-sided printing as there are over 500 pages. You may want to print sections at a time and keep them in a binder or use a printing service and get the whole thing spiral bound. 
    • There are three files in your download: one that has all the pages and two that each include half the pages. If you are sending it to a printing service, sending the two half files and having two spiral bound books would be a good option. 

Here how your child will use the notebook each day:

  1. Keep a sticky tab to mark current location. Open to the day’s pages and read the indicated Bible Scripture. Optionally, use the table at the beginning to track progress through the OT readings.
  2. Use the blank space to draw something based on what you read. This could be a scene from the story, something you are reminded of during your reading, something from your own life that applies, a specific character or object in the passage, etc. You could draw lines to make a comic book style drawing or use the whole page however you wish.
  3. Write a few sentences about your drawing. What is it? How does it relate to the Scripture you read?
  4. Consider what you can pray about based on the passage. Can you praise God for his character? Confess and repent of a sin that the Scripture revealed to you? Pray for wisdom and guidance? Pray for someone else who is struggling? Jot down any notes about how you can pray. Before closing the book, pray about these things to the Lord. 

May the Lord bless your journey through the New Testament this year! You’ll end the year with great Scripture experiences and a wonderful keepsake of your thoughts and drawings.

Have Younger Kids? 

This notebook is intended to be an easy-to-use independent activity for students ages 10 / 12 and up. For younger ages, consider reading the passages aloud. You may also want to purchase the related product, New Testament Bible Brick Challenge. The Brick Challenge is a chart that uses the same reading plan (with some detail omissions for sensitivity) but provides Lego build prompts rather than drawing and writing spaces. 

Have Multiple Ages? Get the New Testament Bundle!

Both the Bible Drawing Notebook: New Testament and the New Testament Bible Brick Challenge use the same Bible reading plan so that you can use them for multiple ages. Kids ages 10 / 12 and up can do the Bible Drawing Notebook while younger kids (or the whole family) can follow along with the Bible Brick Challenge.  Click here to see the bundle.