John the Baptist

John the Baptist

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Read the Bible with your children about John the Baptist and then use this helpful and fun printable pack to go through the lessons together!

The printable is over 100 pages and goes through major events in the story. For examples and more information, see this post. You'll also find: 

  • Number puzzles
  • Size sequencing cards
  • Count and clip cards
  • Alphabet matching cards
  • Spot and dot
  • Coloring page
  • What comes next
  • Shadow matching pages
  • Mazes
  • Complete the Bible Verse – Read the verse and fill in the blanks.
  • Locust Page – Research locusts and where they are mentioned in the Bible and complete the questions.
  • Writing Pages – Children can write in their own words, the story of John the Baptist after they have completed all the activities in this printable pack.
  • Shape tracing activity – Trace the bee shapes. These cards could be printed on white paper or cardstock, cut out and laminated and a dry erase marker used to complete the tracing.
  • Zechariah and Elizabeth – Reading Activity
  • The early life of John – Reading Activity
  • The work of John – Reading Activity
  • John baptizing Jesus – Reading Activity
  • John is arrested – Reading Activity
  • Bible Memory Cards – Seventeen verses from the Bible in both King James and English Standard Versions
  • Copywork Pages – The same seventeen verses as the Bible Memory Cards in both King James and English Standard Versions


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