Proverbs Brick Challenge & Learning Pack

Proverbs Brick Challenge & Learning Pack

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Proverbs Brick Challenge is a fun way to learn the proverbs! Includes copywork, discussion questions, and notebook pages too!

Do your kids love building? Do you want to teach your kids to know and love God’s word? The Proverbs Brick Challenge is a fresh and fun way to learn these verses of wisdom. Your kids will have a blast building creative representations of ideas as well as scenes from the scriptures. At the same time, they will learn biblical truths that will become a part of their ongoing faith journey! 

The challenge covers many learning styles to help kids really retain the scripture.There are careful listening skills being developed, as well as problem solving, creating, building, drawing, and writing. There will be great opportunities for discussion as well!

The Proverbs Brick Challenge printable contains 71 pages and is flexible to fit the needs and ages of your children:

  • Build challenges
  • Copywork pages
  • Drawing/creative writing spaces
  • Discussion questions