Student Work & Habit Tracker

Student Work & Habit Tracker

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(NOTE: The Student Work & Habit Tracker is a digital download. No physical copy will be mailed.) 

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The Student Work & Habit Tracker is a simple tool that helps students from about 3rd-8th grade to manage their time and stay focused.

They will craft meaningful goals, manage their weekly and daily work efficiently, and build in important habits. 

Most importantly, the Tracker will help them keep God’s Word at the center of their daily life, doing all in the name of the Lord.

The following pages are included in the Student Work & Habit Tracker. The Introduction in the download files includes more detailed instructions on how to use them.   

  • Attendance Log - For those who are required to track attendance and would like to do so for each student, attendance logs are included. 

  • Monthly Calendar - Undated monthly calendars for students to write notes on work completed, upcoming deadlines, events, etc. 

  • Weekly Plan - Weekly tracking page for your students to track their work and habit progress. Includes a Scripture verse of the week for memory work or inspiration. 
    • Track the week’s activities with editable headings that allow you to track per day of the week, subjects, etc.)
    • Daily tasks checklist to make sure the essentials get done
    • Looping/rotating tasks checklist to keep making progress on everything else.
    • Chores and habits checklist to mark as task completed or time spent each day.  

  • Book & Media Log - Your student can keep a log of books read and movies watched for lessons. Includes date, title, author, star rating, and space for writing their thoughts. 

  • Field Trip Log - Students can record their field trip experiences here, including date, star rating, drawing or photo and space to write out what they learned and their favorite part of the field trip.  

  • Project / Inquiry - This page can be used to track delight-directed learning projects. They can brainstorm ideas, note resources/materials needed, make a to-do list, note the date and method of sharing their finished work, and a final photo/drawing of their project. 

  • Goals & Habits - Help your students craft meaningful goals and plans for habit formation. For each goal, list 3 habits to work on, notes, and a to-do list. These habits can then be worked on by adding them to the Goals & Habits section in their Weekly Plan pages. 

  • Bible Reading - This page can be used with any Bible reading plan your student is using that goes through entire books of the Bible. It may also be used on its own as a basic reading plan. Simply fill in each book as it’s read that year. 

  • Scripture Memory Log - Students can write out Scripture verses they plan to memorize. Includes a checkbox to indicate that it has been memorized as well as a simple review system to stay fresh previously memorized verses.  

  • Scripture Bookmarks - Print and laminate or print on card stock for bookmarks your student can use in their reading assignments or Bible. They include Scriptures that help keep your student focused on godly character traits such as diligence and initiative, as well as the importance of God’s Word.  (Get the bookmarks free here.)

Scripture verses are printed throughout the Tracker and both ESV and KJV versions are available. 


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